Sheherd notes

Shepherd Notes February 2023

  Church an Obligation or a Privilege?

The Pastor started the conversation with “The Church doesn’t need your help” The response was Pastor. Are you feeling OK? Just fine, thank you. But really, the church doesn’t need your help. Then explain the “Announcements” part of the Sunday bulletin where we are asked to help in any number of areas at church; Ushering, Sunday School, VBS, Communion set up, fellowship… you know. The list goes on and on. And on. Sounds to me like the church DOES NEED OUR HELP. Actually, no We don’t need it. The Kingdom of God will get along just fine without your help and mine. It doesn’t need us to grow and thrive. It was getting along just fine in the years before we came into the world and it will get along just as well after we’re gone.

But while we are here we have the privilege of participating in God’s mission of seeking and saving the lost, of connecting people to Jesus, and (through eyes of faith) seeing God at work in the world he created, redeemed and is in the process of sanctifying.

So then it’s OK if I just show up every so often on Sunday morning? Sure—if you view your time in church as an obligation, something you have to do; if it’s just another box to check. But then we should probably talk because if you think your time in church—in the place(s) where God is doing his saving work—is an obligation and not a privilege, something you drudgingly drag yourself to instead of something you look forward to, we probably want to take a look at your priorities.

What better use of time is there than watching God at work changing and saving lives? On Sunday morning, for sure, but also during the week—at Bible studies, quilting, confirmation classes, church meetings not to mention places like the bowling alley and softball field.

So you’re saying the Church doesn’t need my help, but I need the Church? Again with the Law! You don’t need the Church so much as you need Jesus. Who has a habit of revealing himself through what goes on at Church. And you get to—have the privilege of—participating in what God is doing through his Church to bring people to faith in Jesus. We don’t need your help so much as we want you to participate in what God is doing through his Church because we know you will be blessed—your faith strengthened and your life changed.

So what is Church to you an Obligation or a Privilege?
                                                               Your Servant in Christ   
                                                                 Pastor Brian